Archive of Positivity

need message ideas?

Write a message to give to someone you know by name or hand to anyone you meet in the street or to leave somewhere for anyone to pick up. 

There are no rules. Just show that you #GiveADuck.

I love to hear you play your flute outside of Graeter’s. You make the neighborhood special.
When my kids are playing outside, you always take such caution while driving.
I notice and appreciate it.
Be strong. Someone is inspired by you.
Your kindness makes my day.
msg card 02.jpg
Kind People are My Kind of People.
Kindness is an Investment. Good Karma is the Return.
You are always the best listener.
keep finding your strengths, you have so many, m’love!
be a kindness ninja.
thanks for staying around when it got tough.
i don’t know what i’d do without you in my classes.
A small act of kindness may spark a revolution.
You make my work week better.
your artwork is the most unique i’ve ever seen.
your laugh is contagious.
your apple pie is the bomb dot com.
you give the best gifts! just look at this duck!
you have the best-groomed dogs in all of clifton.
you always know how to make me feel better.
Be kind to others. Your kindness might become someone’s best memory.
Your elvis impersonation never fails to make me laugh.
duck assemblage.jpg
Your garden is always so well-cared for. Your hardwork shows!
Make your heart the best part about you
thank you for keeping your lawn and flowers so beautiful. it always makes me happy.