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About Troy Gives A Duck

Who We Are

Troy Melnyk is a Clifton-native committed to ending loneliness and eliminating isolation by setting up social opportunities for friendship building and changing the stigma of his disability.

Troy Gives a Duck shows how a single person with a positive message can build community and create a chain reaction of kindness among others, providing them with a physical reminder that they are valued and that there is goodness to be found.


How We Started

Troy is tenacious when it comes to connecting with people in a positive way. He doesn’t see stereotypes and preconceptions and therefore can connect with people on a different level.

He accepts people for who they are and can bring smiles to peoples' faces with his very presence. Troy Gives A Duck was conceived so that he can inspire this gift in others.

In 2018, Troy received a People’s Liberty project grant so that he can spread positive messages and smiles one duck at a time. Troy has met flocks of new people through this endeavor and encourages you to find a way to duck around with him.


ducks in action